Ninjago time

I got Ninjago the show and game on my computer. I also got Ninjago the  book.

Ninjago the game is really fun. There’s lots of fighting and warriors, I’m not sure what they’re called. There’s this hard guy you have to battle and he can make rocks drop from almost anywhere.

In the book, there’s mostly not that much fighting. There’s mostly more traps and tests.

I like reading Ninjago in rainy places. I read it with some people sometimes, like my mom.

The Ninjago book and game and shows are really the same, but there’s different stuff in different settings. I like it that way.

By the way, my mom is making this post for me. Well, also, I told her what to write.*


* Typist’s note: He did type one sentence, but since screen time is over for the night, we decided this would be faster.



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